Cjenik: Croatia - Exact Globe 2000

Povratak na po?etnu stranicu

Financijsko knjigovodstvo
Modul Opis Cijena
S0165 E-Excel Add-In EUR 925.00
S1000 E-Account EUR 2,550.00
S1011 E-Fixed Assets EUR 925.00
S1015 E-Credit Management EUR 925.00
S1020 E-Multi Currency EUR 1,375.00
S1030 E-Electronic Banking EUR 925.00
S1032 E-Collection EUR 925.00
S1050 E-Budget EUR 925.00
S1055 E-Cost Analysis EUR 925.00
S1070 E-XML Server Financial EUR 925.00
Modul Opis Cijena
S1100 E-Invoice EUR 2,550.00
S1155 E-Sales Analysis EUR 925.00
S1200 E-Sales Order EUR 2,550.00
S1222 E-Price Management EUR 925.00
S1300 E-Stock & Purchase Control EUR 2,550.00
S1325 E-Serial/Batch EUR 1,375.00
S1332 E-Bill of Materials EUR 1,375.00
S1345 E-Back to Back Order EUR 925.00
Knjigovodstvo projekata
Modul Opis Cijena
S1400 E-Project EUR 1,850.00
Sistemski moduli
Modul Opis Cijena
S0101 License Exact Globe 2000 EUR 450.00
S0110 E-Password EUR 925.00
S0111 E-Conversion EUR 0.00
S0182 E-Multi Company (1 pack) EUR 450.00
S0192 E-Named User 1-pack EUR 410.00
S05AE Language American English EUR 2,150.00
S05CN Language Chinese (simplified) EUR 2,150.00
S05CS Language Czech EUR 2,150.00
S05DA Language Danish EUR 2,150.00
S05DE Language German EUR 2,150.00
S05EL Language Greek EUR 2,150.00
S05EN Language English EUR 2,150.00
S05ES Language Spanish EUR 2,150.00
S05ET Language Estonian EUR 2,150.00
S05FI Language Finnish EUR 2,150.00
S05FR Language French EUR 2,150.00
S05HR Language Croatia EUR 2,300.00
S05HU Language Hungarian EUR 2,150.00
S05ID Language Indonesian EUR 2,150.00
S05IT Language Italian EUR 2,150.00
S05JA Language Japanese EUR 2,150.00
S05KO Language Korean EUR 2,150.00
S05NL Language Dutch EUR 2,150.00
S05NO Language Norwegian EUR 2,150.00
S05PL Language Polish EUR 2,150.00
S05PT Language Portugese EUR 2,150.00
S05RO Language Romanian EUR 2,150.00
S05RU Language Russian EUR 2,150.00
S05SK Language Slovak EUR 2,150.00
S05SV Language Swedish EUR 2,150.00
S05TH Language Thai EUR 2,150.00
S05TR Language Turkish EUR 2,150.00
S05VI Language Vietnamese EUR 2,150.00
S05ZH Language Traditional Chinese EUR 2,150.00
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